Core Values

Resonating with the revolutionary changes taking place in the information industry, NAK continuously innovates to meet customer needs and advance our technological leadership.

Customers First

NAK exists to serve customers.

Continuous Improvement

It is required to be better partners with our customers.

Openness & Initiative

We pursue customer-centric innovations.


Integrity is our most valuable asset.

the biggest managed service specialist in mobile broadband in IRAN

We will take care of your network to provide the most stable service to your users.


We strive to be the first choice and best partner for Telecom carriers and enterprise customers while becoming a brand of choice among consumers.


By delivering products and solutions with leading technologies and smooth evolution, we help customers build highly efficient network infrastructures that provide on-demand services to users.


We continuously innovate new architectures, platforms, and new technologies.Through innovations in key technologies, we will take the user experience to a new level.


We openly cooperate with industry partners, focus on building future-proof information pipes, and continuously create value for our customers and society at large.

Naghsh Aval Keyfiat (NAK)

Who we are?

Our Vision

Leadership in world class Telecom managed services, Innovate value added solutions based on the world leading Telecom technologies, Provide the most stable and smooth services to our customers

Our Mission

Provide a world class Telecom managed services solutions, Expand our customers business

Our Values

Customer Care, To Be Responsive, Improvement, Honesty, Team Work

Portfolio of Services

A comprehensive service portfolio addressing your key challenges

NO: Network Operation

Rapid growing popularity of smart phones and upgrading of home broadband drive the fast development of Mobile and Fixed Broadband. Given this background, the consumer’s behaviors are changing, thus operators demand better network performance management.

BSS: Base Station Subsystem

BSS solutions are designed based on Simple, Open, Convergent, Agile and Smart philosophies and in alignment with best practices. It provides end-to-end BSS solutions including: products, consulting, system integration and Managed Services for CSPs.

NI: Network Implementation

Our Network Implementation services give you all you need to build, expand or modernize a mobile broadband network efficiently, while growing sustainably and evolving technology. We offer world leading project management experience and excellence proven in hundreds of networks.

MBB: Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband performance changes constantly, with spikes in demand, causing congestion and quality impairment. NAK Mobile Broadband Performance service will enable you to improve your customers’ experience ahead of time, predict changes in applications traffic mix and invest where it matters most.

SAM: Site Administration Management

Infrastructure management is the monitoring of essential operational components like equipment, data, and processes. An effective management solution has the ability to eliminate any costly downtime, increase service level, and provide data for capacity planning and problem detection.

BM: Benchmarking

Benchmarking is the key to optimal cost recovery when entering into rate alignment negotiations with your carriers. It goes a step beyond the cost efficiencies generated through traditional TEM inventory, audit and invoice processing functions to the ability to identify and capitalize on pricing gaps that develop between the telecom rates companies are contracted for and current competitive market rates. Benchmarking is the key to realizing substantial, ongoing savings from your total voice, data and wireless spend.

SSM: Site Survey Management

NAK can provide a variety of different site surveys. We survey sites for demarcation extensions, wireless signal strength, and installation preparation. Before any site survey begins, NAK completes a preliminary review and scope of work definition with our customer. This practice allows NAK to best manage expectations and ensure our technicians understand the full requirements and needs of customer.

AFP: Automated Frequency Planing

Frequency planning is arguably the most challenging and time-consuming task in designing a mobile network. Effective usage of the frequency spectrum, one of the scarcest resources for any operator, leads to both better network quality and increased capacity. The key lies in solving the most fundamental problem in mobile communications planning - allocating the frequencies in the network in an optimal way.

NPO: Network Planning and Optimization

New Network Modernization solutions from NAK can help you handle rapidly changing demands and emerging technologies by creating a modernized network infrastructure with optimal performance and availability.

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